Welcome to Medical Biotechnology at Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences. This unique interdisciplinary program, with participation from experts in a broad spectrum of fields, provides exciting opportunities for training and research in areas bridging industrial, pharmaceutical and environmental biotechnology, molecular biology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, industrial microbiology, proteomics, protein chemistry and health sciences. I am thrilled that you, as Master students, and I, as the head of the Department, will have the opportunity to commence a new year of our academic lives together. The Department has a dynamic, vibrant and highly motivating training and research environment, which is achieved through a combination of high quality students and academic staff who are committed to learning and scientific discovery.

The department is composed of seven academic staff members, researchers and teaching assistants, each with a unique purpose and focus. Staff members participate in teaching and have expertise in conducting research. We are committed to the ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation. Education, research, and innovation are collaborative efforts on our campus, with student engagement critical to discovery in labs across KUMS. Improving our student experience and graduate outcomes remains a top priority at KUMS.

The Department is situated in the Faculty of Medicine’s campus. The campus is conveniently located outside the city centre in extensive parkland on the foothills of the Zagros mountain ranges with spectacular scenery and landscape, and there is also easy access to shops and restaurants.

The Department of Medical Biotechnology’s well-equipped teaching and research laboratories are located in the Faculty of Medicine, Molecular Biology Research Centre (MBRC), and in the adjacent Faculty of Pharmacy, Daneshgah Avenue. The department research laboratory is endowed with cutting edge equipment. Academic staff members, research associates & assistances, and undergraduate and post-graduate students conduct research in areas of drug discovery, vaccine development, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, molecular medicine, molecular biology, cell culture, proteomics, immunology, human genetics, genetic engineering, marine biotechnology, immunochemistry and protein chemistry.

We collaborate extensively with molecular biologists, molecular geneticists, tissue engineering biochemists, microbiologists, cancer and public health researchers, and industrial and government scientists. Our students benefit from cross-disciplinary collaboration, joint supervision, and access to advanced research facilities. Our graduates either pursue further research training or seize employment opportunities in academia; government health and environment departments; the biotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical industries; clinical laboratories; or consulting firms. The Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnology also provides a solid foundation for those interested in careers related to tissue engineering, molecular microbiology, and industrial and pharmaceutical biotechnology. It can also result in post-graduate studies and research careers in universities, research institutes, hospitals, and industrial or governmental laboratories.

Study one of the fastest-growing areas in science and learn the latest techniques in biotechnology research, as well as up-to-date bio-processing and production technologies. Our education strategy aims to ensure that our students build success, recognition and esteem.

Governance structures have been developed that facilitate innovative and comprehensive incentive programs for academic staff; which support publication in top tier journals. We have an active seminar and visiting academic program that encourages research collaboration and promotes staff to present research at competitive international conferences to empower our objective of being an innovative and pioneering academic department. Together with our Advisory Committee, we are working toward a plan with a futuristic vision, and a model of continuous improvement to ensure the Department of Medical Biotechnology of KUMS continues to have a positive impact in a changing world.

As we launch the beginning of the 2019 academic year, I encourage you all to take pride in our achievements and share your enthusiasm for the future of our dynamic and vibrant learning community. We have much to celebrate and many opportunities before us. As we encourage and inspire our students along their educational journeys, our mission is to empower our students to reach their full potential in both the teaching area and the community.

Once again, I welcome you to one of Iran’s best Departments for post-graduate education, and I sincerely wish you all the best in this exciting journey that will lead to knowledge and a fulfilling career.

Best wishes for a wonderful year,


Dr. Yadollah Bahrami

Head, Department of Medical Biotechnology

Deputy, Global Strategies and International Affairs,

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (KUMS)